The agile42 Approach

Best practice to introduce Scrum, Kanban & lean thinking

agile42 features a tailored approach changing your company to an agile and lean method of working.

We recognize that your organization and culture is unique, which implies a unique implementation of any new methodes like Scrum, Kanban and XP Practices like Testing, Pairprogramming etc..

Our efficient combination of management consulting, knowledge transfer, team training and coaching on the job and a practice based tool support will be the basis for your success as well as for many other international agile42 customers.

Scrum Anti-Pattern

Scrum works! Innumerable projects prove that. But, and of course there must be a “but”, Scrum only works, when one has the courage, to really realize the rules and ideas behind Scrum. Scrum is more than just the summation of all the roles, ceremonies and artifacts.

With the introduction of Scrum not everything goes the smoothest path from the beginning on. All participants need to get used to the new procedure and will be unsure what needs to be done if something unexpected happens. Problems often lead to “known” mechanisms “just for this one case” instead of solving the problem with the Scrum method.

Breaking open the synergy, created by Scrum, the actual effect of Scrum, the outstanding increase of productivity gets lost rapidly.

Here the worst Scrum Anti-Pattern presented:

  • The Scrum Master assigns tasks and that way destroys the self navigating and self organized team.
  • The sprint gets disturbed externally. New tasks are included or changes of the committed - - User Stories are conducted.
  • There are no Review Meetings
  • There are no Retrospectives
  • There are no periodic Daily Standup Meetings
  • The Product Owner doesn’t have an adequate expertise and can’t stand up for his role
  • There is no “1 to 1 Agreement” between the PO and the Team
  • The participants aren’t trained enough
  • Meetings aren’t Time-Boxed
  • Instead of features, activities are monitored
  • A few Scrum Masters are sent to certification and one thinks that’s sufficient to use Scrum.

Scrumtisch Berlin

The Scrumtisch Berlin is an official SCRUM USER GROUP. Every 4-6 weeks we meet, talk, discuss, to exchange information on experiences and of course have a lot of fun.

 Scrum User Group Berlin sponsored by agile42

You can find more information on the Scrumtisch Website

Scrum Implementation

agile42 has helped a lot of companies to introduce Scrum successfully. Agilo is based on these experiences. More about our consulting and training approach and some references are available here:

Agilo™for Scrum

The next generation of Agilo for Scrum addresses the needs of each scrum role by providing an intuitive workflow that facilitates the ceremonies of the scrum process, and by exposing simple interfaces for managing the scrum artifacts.