Scrum Starter Kit

Scrum Starter Kit - Useful tools for Scrum and more

You want to start with Scrum?

The Scrum Starter Kit provides Scrum tools and recommends books which are helpful to start and support Scrum and your agile workflows every day.

Some tools you can order and buy from agile42, and for the others we set up a shop in Amazon, to make it easy for you to find things.

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Scrum Lego City & Kanban Pizza

The Scrum Lego City and the Kanban Pizza Game are useful agile tolls to understand the synergies of Scrum, Kanban and agile in general. Both, the Lego City and the Kanban Pizza Game are available under Creative Commons. A description of the games and a How To Play can be found on our web page. 

Please contact us, if you have questions regarding the Scrum Starter Kit via email.

Book the Scrum Lego City or Kanban Pizza Game.

Planning Poker Cards

Use these simple Planning Poker decks to break down complex software engineering problems into manageable chunks, and estimate quickly and precisely. 

Business Value Game

Use this simple Business Value Game to give priorities to requirements and User Stories. It helps focus and provides fun rules for a requirements workshops.

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Good Books to read about agile

There are many good books from Mike Cohn, Mary Poppendieck and many more to get familiar with Scrum, agile and lean thinking. A collection of the books we recommed you can find in our book collection in Amazon.

For Agile Transition we recommend: