The agile42 Approach

Best practice to introduce Scrum, Kanban & lean thinking

agile42 features a tailored approach changing your company to an agile and lean method of working.

We recognize that your organization and culture is unique, which implies a unique implementation of any new methodes like Scrum, Kanban and XP Practices like Testing, Pairprogramming etc..

Our efficient combination of management consulting, knowledge transfer, team training and coaching on the job and a practice based tool support will be the basis for your success as well as for many other international agile42 customers.


Scrum Certification

Who is doing what? - Scrum Qualifications Overview

Skills to reach the Scrum Certification Level

Scrum Master/Product Owner:

For the title of the certified Scrum Master (CSM) and Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) a two days training is required, where the theoretical basics of the method get taught and where a connection is created to a practical application. For increasing the quality of the certification an exam is planned for 2010 at the end of the training.

Scrum Practitioner:

Who wants to be called a Scrum Practitioner needs to prove that he’s been working for at least one year in Scrum-projects and holds a certification of CSM respectively CSPO. Furthermore he needs to write a report on his experiences and judge those.

Scrum Trainer:

In order to be permitted as a Scrum Trainer the applicant has to turn in the following papers at the Scrum Alliance and needs to fulfill the following requests:

  • A summary of the own experience with Scrum represented in a résumé
  • A detailed description of the experience with giving trainings Own material for trainings
  • References from at least two co-trainers he was doing a training with
  • More papers that prove the quality of the applicant

Scrum Coach:

Worldwide there are only 20 Scrum Coaches (in Germany only two: Andrea Tomasini, agile42 and Christoph Matthis), because the expectations for a certification are very high. An applicant has to fulfill the following qualifications:

  • Prove at least 1500 hours Scrum-Coaching/- Consulting the last 5 years
  • name two customers that are able to describe his coaching skills and prove them
  • an extensive description of the projects and companies he introduced Scrum to
  • an interview for the analysis and verification of the described procedures

Planning Poker

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Scrum Implementation

Training, Consulting, Coaching

agile42 has helped a lot of companies to introduce Scrum successfully. Agilo is based on these experiences. More about our consulting and training approach and some references are available here:

Agilo™for Scrum

The next generation of Agilo for Scrum addresses the needs of each scrum role by providing an intuitive workflow that facilitates the ceremonies of the scrum process, and by exposing simple interfaces for managing the scrum artifacts.